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Photoshop CC Streaming

Use Photoshop CC from your browser with Photoshop Streaming

Adobe has teamed up with Google in an effort to get Photoshop CC working in your browser, making the Creative Cloud truly in the cloud. The aim is to remove the need of heavy hardware to smoothly run Photoshop, but also provide all the beloved features we’re so use to using when designing instead of just supplying basic image editing tools, a la Photoshop Online. Not too long ago I had an interest in purchasing myself a Chromebook, but the lack of downloadable programs such as Photoshop and iTunes, which I use on a daily basis, was a big turn off…

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Creating a Responsive Email with Zurb’s Ink

You can probably tell that I’m a big fan of anything Zurb, based of one of my previous blog posts, Creating a responsive website using Zurb’s Foundation, and now I’m writing again about one Zurb’s fantastic apps. Email newsletters are great, they’re used for marketing, getting your message across, or to attract new members to your business. Well, I’m not here to tell you how to make a fantastic email newsletter, or methods on how to send them. I’m here to tell you how you can make them responsive, because everything is mobile now a days, and if people can’t…

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Creating a responsive website using Zurb’s Foundation

Responsive? What’s that? A responsive website means that the website scales down to size depending on what device the user is viewing your website on. For instance you can view the same responsive website on your desktop or mobile phone and it will look different, it will scale to fit your device. but there’s no point trying to create your own responsive website from scratch, especially when there’s so many responsive frameworks that you can use that will do the hard part for you, including Bootstrap, Gumby, and Foundation. The latter of which will be the focus of this guide. Starting…

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WordPress plugin: Codeblocks

For WordPress blogs that revolve around displaying or typing out a lot of code, like this one, it can get a bit frustrating displaying it how you want. WordPress allows you to use <pre> and <code> tags to make code easier to read, but it’s not easy to write, especially as the <code> tag requires you to edit the post through HTML which isn’t especially user friendly. Well I read about a new plugin created by z43 Studio called Codeblocks. Codeblocks is a plugin that sits underneath the content editor on your posts and allows you to add as many block…

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MySQL server not responding

I occasionally have the problem of my MySQL server not responding when using MAMP, I searched online a found this handy piece of code, just type this into the Terminal. source: http://twob.net/journal/fix-for-mamp-mysql/

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Getting started with SASS

I’ve recently started using SASS to write my CSS code and find it much easier to use, but I do find it tricky to initially set up and may miss steps, so I’m keeping this as a log of how to set up SASS from scratch. What to download Ruby - www.rubyinstaller.org (Check “Add Ruby executables to your path”) Git - www.git-scm.com/downloads Node.js – www.nodejs.org Installation Open up command prompt gem install sass You can also run gem update sass to make sure you’ve got the latest version Foundation & Bower Install Bower, run npm install -g bower grunt-cli Install Foundation, run gem install…

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